• Lancebruh

    I was emailing this guy who used to run a Resident Hero (Time is Nothing, Vendetta Black) fan blog/forum thing a long time ago. I was asking him about their album The Brown EP, because I wasn't sure if Lacey was on it. He sent me the tracks from it. I asked him what Resident Evil songs feature Lacey, and he said "I'm pretty sure the only track she is on is Vendetta Black (white ep and look), time is nothing (look), and a song called blank pages."

    I never heard of "Blank Pages" before, so I asked him and he said it's a track on their album The Feeling Before Impact. When I googled it, all I could find was a sold-out Amazon album.

    I asked him if he could send me an mp3 of the song. If he can, I'll make a page for the song. 

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